Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This season has seen its fair share of players being loaned to other sides. The striker John Akinde was loaned to Bristol Rover from Bristol City that would end possibly on 5th January next year.

The dashing player is however yet to make a deep impact after his shifting to the new football side. He has yet played in four matches for his new team and also made an appearance as a sub. He is definitely looking forward to hitting as many goals as possible and bettering his current form and statistics as well.

After their recent loss to Tranmere Rovers, Alkinda is all the more focused about performing and delivering for his side. Before his move to the British Rovers this august on loan, he did play as sub for three matches while still at Bristol City. Unfortunately he didn’t fare any better before as of now.

The man is yet to open his tally this season and is looking forward to hitting some meaty goals even as British Rovers are about to clash with Huddersfield. Earlier the young lads claim to fame came when in a first of sorts transfer he joined Bristol City after a poll result by fans. He didn’t disappoint by scoring on his very debut match which Bristol City had seen a 2-2 draw result in.

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